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    The trial version of Clock In v1.0.0 is now available from the App Catalog.
    This is identical to the paid version except for a restriction on the number of projects and tasks that can be created.

    Clock In Trial

    Please check it out and let me know what you think.

    Bug reports, ideas or just general feedback are all welcome.
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    Thanks for this I've been waiting I will let you know how it works out for me Too bad I'm on my last day of work before Christmas, but I'm sure I'll get over it
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    Ok a few points. I'm not entirely sure on this one, but I had a work web page open, google maps and your app(Clock-In). I'm OC'd at SS 500/1000 (UK.1.4.5). The Pre I have now is less than 2 weeks old (to me). I don't have a lot of patches, under 30...probably closer to 25. My Pre froze up constantly today while this app was running, and I don't know if it was because of the app or something else, (and I'm not sure how to troubleshoot it). Overall not a bad app, good UI, nice look. A couple things about it(I was super busy today at work so I didn't even read how to properly use the app, I just dove in).

    I'm using it to clock hours driving and hours not driving(at work). I'm in and out of my truck all day and more than a few times today, I forgot to hit the button to switch. It would be cool if:

    a) instead of stopping one task and then having to switch to the other task and then start it, a toggle switch so that it automatically goes from one to the other.
    It's a little more work stopping then switching then starting, you get the idea. One button press go from one task to the next.(If this is an option and I just didn't figure it out, then mybad)

    b)as I was saying there were a few times where I simply forgot to hit the button. If there could be some sort of accellerometer activated start/stop, that would be Swedish. Maybe like a 2 minute(or whatever is conveinient for the user) interval where nothing is happening, accellerometer-wise, then it switches automatically and takes into account the pre-selected time delay.

    I will try this app again but having my phone freeze up on me quite a few times today was nothing short of aggrevating as I use it for POD name entry when I drop off whatever it is I'm dropping off, not to mention I will pull up a map of where I'm going, on the occasion that I'm not 100% of the address. Maybe I'll play around with it on my days off and see if I can't figure something out.

    I was pretty surprised to find my phone freezing, being that it's brand new. My last phone had animated emoticons, animated top bar, way more than 3 apps open at any given point and rarely froze on me.

    I would like to see this app(or my phone) work as I know it will be useful to me. If you have any ideas feel free to throw them my way.
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    On the subject of freezing, I haven't had any other reports of this. My Pre set up is similar to yours re overclocking and patches and I quite often run multiple versions of the app at the same time. I've not seen this so I suspect its specific to your phone. Does it occur when you perform any particular action in Clock In or any other app? is Clock In always in focus, or does it happen when its running in the background? Needless to say, if there is a problem with the app then I'll fix it as a matter of urgency.

    Regarding the operation of the app, the basic premise is this that you hit the IN button when you want to start logging for the day, switch between projects and tasks as needed, and then hit OUT when you want to stop logging. You don't need to stop and start logging when changing projects/tasks. I'll probably add an option so that logging is started automatically upon selection of a project/task if you haven't hit the IN button.
    Accelerometer based automation will probably be a little further down the line.
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    Ok, like I said, I had a super busy day at work yesterday, I wanted to finish early and might not have been the best day to try it out I'll mess around with it again during my time off and try it again. The freezing issue, again, not sure if it was related or not, but, I think I'll look into JStop? I think that's the app that is similar to a Task Manager? I might have to try different settings on Govnah, but I have had my phone for a couple of weeks, and haven't noticed any major freeze issues up until the point that I was using it. I am also suspect that maybe I might have one of those loose battery issues as well. Working in a big, bouncy truck, it's possible that a slightly loose battery is causing my issues.
    So just a quick question, once a start task A, and then go to task B, it automatically stops task A? or does it run concurrently? Also wondering if it runs if I swipe the app off? Another cool way for this app to be built, as far as dashboard icons/controls similar to Music Player Remix 2.0. Not sure how that applies as far as copying someone else's work but just some ideas I'm throwing out to you.

    I also just checked my memory available, I haven't transferred much media onto my new phone and have 6.5G available so that isn't the issue. Also not compcached yet, so I'll try that out as well
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    To confirm, switching to task B will stop task A (it will create an entry for task A ending at the time you switch tasks).

    You can exit the app and relaunch it without affecting the current entry being recorded, i.e. if you're IN and you close the app, you'll still be IN on the same task with the same start time when you re-open the app. The only restriction there is that it doesn't currently allow entries to span midnight and will automatically clock OUT.

    I have thought about adding dashboard controls, and I might get around to it one day, but so far I've found it just as easy to switch to the app. My personal preference is to remove notifications when I can to free up the pixels.
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    Ok that answered my question, thanks. I work days, so auto-clock out is a non-issue. I was more thinking about the dashboard controls when the screen was locked. That's a pretty cool feature to be able to have your phone locked and still be able to operate an app, like Music Player Remix 2.0.
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    Yeah that would be nice. I'll bump it up the list.
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    Version 1.3.0 of Clock In is now available (both Trial and Full apps).
    Here are the changes:

    • Added option for dashboard controls when the app is minimised (full version only)
    • Added option to prefix the Client name for Project selections
    • Changed day scene to display length of gap between entries
    • Improved selection of Default day durations on Preferences scene
    • Minor cosmetic fixes

    Download Clock In
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    Apps: Clock In (Trial and full)

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