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  1. can't access ubercalendar preferences anymore
  2. Do Not Answer for TouchPad
  3. Patch request: wrap email subject lines
  4. ImageMagick BASH script for TouchPad-friendly center tiling
  5. lunace install problem
  6. Luna CE: lunasysmgr is not compatible with this webOS version
  7. [Patch] Cycling Email Notifications
  8. [Request] Bluetooth mouse and Cursor support
  9. Stock Calculator Modding
  10. [Patch] Fix Facebook Notifications Time
  11. mame4all for touchpad link down
  12. Folders to organize apps with LunaCE?
  13. is the wave launcher supposed to replace the normal launcher on the TP?
  14. Star Control 2: The Ur-Quan Masters for HP TouchPad
  15. TPberry Pi
  16. Does 'secure erase' ..
  17. Had to restore my system and then add all my preware apps and patches.
  18. novacom installer problem
  19. Help with webOSQuickInstall-4.2.3 on TP please!
  20. Uber Kernel
  21. What happened to the Battery Widget on GitHub?
  22. [REQUEST] Default to open in new tab in Advanced Browser
  23. [Patch] BetterEmailHeaders
  24. [REQUEST] Allow always button
  25. [Patch] Facebook Multiline Status
  26. [App] Dash Weather
  27. [request] patch for keyboard that adds more characters
  28. Official Evernote app on the Touchpad (need preware)
  29. [Patch] Web Browser Search Suggestion (TouchPad)
  30. Touch To Share Hacks and patches!
  31. Browser and email go empty overnight
  32. [request] split keyboard
  33. WebOS QI with 3.0.5? :o
  34. Novacom issue PLEASE HELP!
  35. [Patch] Remove Optional Search Engines from Just Type
  36. meta-doctor problem
  37. Edit a file with internalz pro
  38. email notification suggestion
  39. Will WebOS C.E be made availible through Preware or through a system update?
  40. [App] Toggle 3G/WiFi Widget for Pre3 & TouchPad
  41. is hulu still working when you download prewre
  42. Can a patch fix this? EAS Hotmail not working
  43. Problem with WOSQI and ubuntu
  44. Problem ReInstalling Preware ?
  45. [App] Yandex.Maps
  46. ESC key using TouchPad's official keyboard
  47. Is it possible to overclock the GPU on the HP touchpad?
  48. iAlertU for Touchpad
  49. pb with installing homebrew, quickinstall
  50. Synergy Messaging Plugins for the Touchpad
  51. Why did Bonnell stopped the hoshidict project?
  52. Swipe selection keyboard tweak [Homebrew patch request]
  53. [App] AIOSettings, an All-In-One Settings app
  54. Thank you homebrew!
  55. If You Overclock in webOS, Will It Overclock Android?
  56. multiboot ubuntu?
  57. Where are ipkg.preware.org/feeds/precentral .ipk files downloaded to using Preware?
  58. software development, where to begin
  59. TouchPad Patches?
  60. changing the default applications
  61. TouchpadIDE Source Code?
  62. booting touchpad over usb
  63. MusicPlayer Sleep Timer
  64. Help With Overclocking Touchpad
  65. Brand new Touchpad cannot connect to PC
  66. Help with WOSQI/DOCTOR
  67. Meta doctor running painfully slow (ubuntuchroot)
  68. Market in CM9; apps keep downloading
  69. HP Touchpad/pre 3 playing vudu?
  70. Touchpad ipk files do not install
  71. Ubuntu - no space left on device
  72. systoolsmgr service IPK error help FIXED
  73. Audio routing patch
  74. uberkalender update does not install
  75. webos quick install not working in my window vista
  76. Need help installing testing feeds
  77. Pinterest
  78. Mode Switcher and Advanced Patches!!
  79. Newbie Scrolling Issue in HTML hello world app
  80. Alter bluetooth keyboard?
  81. [idea] google suggest
  82. [App] [2.x & 3.x] WiFi File Sharing
  83. Red address bar ? !
  84. Adobe Air?
  85. services misery -FileMgr and SysToolsMgr Access In Preware FIXED
  86. Can't get Qshusb drivers to intall?
  87. Sorry for asking....Preware
  88. Log Error in Preware
  89. PreWare will not start after latest update
  90. Can't Find TouchVol in Preware
  91. IPKG Error
  92. [patch request] Remove Doubletap Space for Period
  93. Patches option disappeared?
  94. preware issues
  95. webOS on a PC: already possible, it seems!
  96. waze open source voice navigation
  97. [solved] beta feeds not showing up in preware
  98. issues after mojo booster
  99. Contant Errors within JSTOP on Touchpad
  100. how to tell if ad blocker is working?
  101. Patching 3.05 issue - AUSMT issue or ?
  102. Help: my Thai Keyboard 3.0.5 shows square characters
  103. Z or Zed game ported to HP TouchPad
  104. [Patch Request] 4G Instead of H+ for TouchPad 4G
  105. [patch request] Compass
  106. [Patch Request] Advanced Gesture to Switch cards
  107. new updates available patches Preware
  108. which patches to add for 3.0.5
  109. Private Browsing
  110. Lightty - 403 Forbidden - HELP!
  111. 3.0.5 Patches feed
  112. Windows 7 wants to format my touchpad
  113. Lets make webos Epic!
  114. Patch update?
  115. Only 1 Patch visible after 3.0.5 doctor
  116. Hebrew virtual keyboard installation not working?
  117. Browser home button
  118. Any patch to suspend/kill apps when press power/sleep button?
  119. Patches in Alpha Feeds for Preware Work
  120. GoogleCL for webos?
  121. Exporting TouchPad Contacts?
  122. Korean Keyboard patch for webos 3.0.5
  123. Preware just killed my patches w/ update.
  124. Do I need to remove "muffle system logging" patch to update to 3.0.5?
  125. More buttons on home task bar problem? [OP fixed]
  126. [PATCH] Add Keyboard Click to Calculator
  127. Help installing netbook interface for ubuntuchroot
  128. Patch Request - Charging TouchPad from pre charger
  129. [Patch Request] Album Shortcut
  130. Help, Resized Partition and Now I can't Fix it
  131. Ubuntu - duel screen and other questions
  132. Preware recovery
  133. Android and Ubuntu Chroot>
  134. Connect harddrive to hp touchpad ()
  135. Servers inside chrooted Ubuntu?
  136. Can you hide launcher icons that are also on the quick launch bar?
  137. Touch2Print
  138. E-UAE on Touchpad's Ubuntu
  139. Preware hangs when started
  140. how to copy many files/folders to the TP ?
  141. [patch request] Double font size of time on lockscreen
  142. EPR not working Muffle System logging and others won't load
  143. Uninstall homebrew apps
  144. Tabbed browsing
  145. Flash patch to send variables of compass gyro ect
  146. [Patch Request] web browser media player
  147. (google voice texting patch request)
  148. Quick installer for the app catalog
  149. [patch request] - f.lux / nighttime color temperature display
  150. TP won't turn on
  151. Patch request - Browser zoom locking
  152. Patch Update Requests
  153. TBtransfer/TBaccess on a Mac
  154. Overclocking
  155. anyone know what this error means?
  156. [Patch] Prevent Scrolling When Minimizing Browser
  157. Debian/Bodhi
  158. [Patch] ThumbNav
  159. Is Preware on the Touchpad really needed?
  160. Unable to intall patch util.c.427: savebuf error
  162. Patch Request - BT Keyboard Patch
  163. How many packages should I have?
  164. zebra print touchpad theme
  165. PDF Review and Markup ... looking for 'early access' feedback
  166. Lading Linux/Ubutu on the Touchpad
  167. Installing "Emergency Reconstruction Utility" standalone?
  168. Japanese Keyboard IME like Windows 7
  169. hide app from launcher
  170. Battery usage - how to check what's causing?
  171. Back Button in Preware doesn't work
  172. Why can't my touchpad access my home server files?
  173. Blast'em Elves
  174. [Patch Request] - Browser - Open Duplicate Card
  175. Preware 1.9.4 no longer showing installed applications
  176. Find on page function in the browser
  177. Is There A guide Out there for settings up a web server on the touchpad?
  178. solid system touchpaf 4g cyanogen A3
  179. What is app Tuckerbox ?
  180. [Patch] Toggle Keyboard Button in Browser
  181. toggle background system services on/off/disable/enable
  182. [Bounty][Patch Request] Auto bbc patch for TP
  183. How to create a patch ?
  184. Now you can Empty Your Email Trash Folder
  185. Flash 11 possible?
  186. CALENDAR PATCHES - ChooseYourSnooze and SetWeekView8am
  187. Preware not showing up in Webos Quickinstall
  188. HELP - Virtual KB Key Text location?
  189. HELP! Help finding the tIDE (touchpad IDE) IPK
  190. uberkernal
  191. [Patch request] Battery percent as icon
  192. Could the TP Connect Directly to a USB Hard Drive?
  193. iCade.....
  194. Patch Request - Wallpaper View
  195. ad blocking in advanced browser
  196. Uberkernel
  197. Question about HP Bluetooth keyboard
  198. Beta Testing Feeds
  199. [PATCH] Remove subject and body text from emails when sharing URL- Now for TP
  200. [Patch Request] SVG Support for browser
  201. Skype/Dialer Auto accept call patch?
  202. TIP - run Pandora web all time
  203. [Patch] [Request] Persistent/Lock Keyboard Button
  204. Mundu IM HD patch
  205. I am having trouble install ubuntu on TP
  207. Change background color in photo app?
  208. [PATCH REQUEST] [HP 4G TOUCHPAD] Disable Wifi pop-up notification
  209. Cusom Boot Sound
  210. Lock screen rotation for full screen apps/video
  211. [Patch Request] Turn off/lock screen when case cover is closed
  212. What happened to the move patch for 3.04
  213. 'Verify Clean System before you start' question
  214. Patch: No Keyboard Autolaunch in Broswer Support Thread
  215. After 3.04 update HD calender won't install.
  216. [Patch request] Hide Zinio magazines from QuickOffice
  217. [Patch Request] Is there a patch to open new cards behind current?
  218. Add .co.uk to the .com button on keyboard
  219. BT Keyboard typing wrong letters
  220. [Patch]3rd party photo synergy enabler.
  221. remove theme manager
  222. One of these patches makes my keyboard suck.
  223. has anyone tried the updated warthog kernel?
  224. stuck muffle log patch
  225. [patch request] flash double-tap behavior
  226. Camera broken after 3.0.4
  227. all patches uninstalled
  228. Make it so
  229. [Patch Request] small fonts in messaging/email
  230. where is 3.04 uberkenel...
  231. problem paying for apps
  232. Why hasn't HP implemented the patches in the WebOS?
  233. Status of Patches after 3.0.4
  234. warthog, 3.0.4 and govnah issue
  235. Spotify HD Patch
  236. Rollback to 3.0.2 : Patches
  237. TouchPad Services?
  238. Better than Buttah?
  239. [Patch Request] Keyboard latch key
  240. [Patch] Increase Touch Response and Smoothness 10 by codecrumb (now called Buttah)
  241. Xterm - "Main Options" - what's this?
  242. How do you "lock" your Govnah profile and...
  243. Wifi TouchPad File Browser/Uploader
  244. [Updated Patch Requests] Increase Speed after 3.0.4. Update (See Inside)
  245. FreeTether Noob...sorry if its a repost
  246. patches that don't work with 3.0.4 ?
  247. jstop no longer working after 3.04?
  248. Glass Effect
  249. TCP Congestion
  250. themes