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  1. Is it impossible to patch some files?
  2. Vulnerabilities and fixes (legacy webOS)
  3. Bing Maps V7 API Patch
  4. [Patch] Browser (Touchpad) - Smart URL Cleaner
  5. Patch for Emoji Support?
  6. Essential Patches to Fix Basic WebOS
  7. Bluetooth connection with build in carkit
  8. Isn't it possible to patch all "user" apps?
  9. Browserpatch(es)?
  10. [Patch request] Use rear facing speakers as default
  11. Request: Some Kind of NoScript
  12. ca.canucksoftware.paches.sjfawakc
  13. HP Pre 3 Launcher Customization
  14. [Patch] Prevent duplicate sent emails storage with Gmail IMAP
  15. [Patch] News Feed 0.8.52 on WebOS 2.2.X
  16. [Patch] Hide app catalog
  17. [Patch] - add to/from address to messaging popup menu
  18. [patch] Fix for webOS 1.4.5 App Catalog My Apps scene
  19. 22 px SMS Font for Pre- Where has it gone?
  20. [Patch] Accuweather connection fix
  21. [Patch] Total message count for webOS 2.x
  22. [Patch request] fix iWitness url redirect
  23. Patch Req: Real Time Data Use Monitor
  24. [Patch Request] Facebook login synergy is broken
  25. Question: Photo app patch - load thumbnails (for 2.x)
  26. [Patch request - Touchpad only] Enable Skype over carrier data
  27. Pre3 will not go into USB mode
  28. Possible to Patch Speed Dial?
  29. How to mobilize with mobilizer patch
  30. gsync 1.2 patch install (Error) on Touchpad
  31. What's the greatest Patch or App ever?
  32. Chained emails?
  33. No new contact or number option in just type/quick actions
  34. [Patch] Fix 'select all' feature selecting recipient in compose view (email/SMS)
  35. Patch: Force browser start page to behave like favorites page
  36. [How-to] Installing .patch files on your phone or Touchpad
  37. Patch Request: Toggle between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in Device Menu
  38. [Patch] Hide read emails (or show only unread emails)
  39. Patch: Email launch to all inboxes
  40. [Patch] Google sync https fix (unknown error on sign in)
  41. How can I create a patch that depends on another patch?
  42. Patch Request: Pre3 Front Camera Access in Stock App
  43. Stupid Browser Question: Why can't open bookmarks in new card
  44. Patch Request - Add webOS Nation in Communities
  45. originally working Patches now conflicting?
  46. [Patch] Update timezones
  47. Patch request: Arranging/sorting the photos
  48. dialpad after receiving call?
  49. Patch Request - Enable Facebook Photo Comment Reading
  50. [Patch] Modern Animations
  51. Is the webosinternals patch portal down?
  52. Secure Universal Search patch on Pre 3?
  53. Patch Request: Amazon MP3 authentication fix
  54. [Patch] Fixes and enhancements for Forums app
  55. Patch Request: Bigger icons in the main launcher screen
  56. [Patch] Sierra MC7710 support on webOS 3.0.x
  57. [patch request] Change messaging app to notify when full screen
  58. [Patch] Blocking remote content in emails (Draft)
  59. [Patch Request] History Button in Stock Browser
  60. Another patch for low quality video streams?
  61. [Patch] Facebook for touchpad exhibition clock
  62. [Patch Request] Global Webos Home and End Keyboard shortcuts (jump to top /bottom of
  63. ubercalendar hd problem
  64. [Patch request] No screen unlock when PIN unlock is enabled
  65. [Patch]Increase Just Type to 15 entries
  66. [Patch] webOS 2: Fix low YouTube quality
  67. Pebble watch service (alpha)
  68. New google chromecast device. Work on webos browser?
  69. Patches still left after the nice people at Palm wiped my Pre+
  70. [Patch Request] Just Type 'Add Contact'
  71. [Patch Request] TopBar Full Screen Wallpaper for Pre3
  72. Patch Idea: Search Call Log
  73. [Patch Request] Messaging Just Type: text;contact
  74. [PATCH Update] Enable Line Breaks for SMS
  75. Pre3 screen brightness sensor?
  76. Increase Volume back speaker on phone calls (speaker phone) for 2x?
  77. [PATCHES QUESTION] Messaging Patches for webOS 2.2.4
  78. Patch Request: Hardware Keyboard, Change hold key = repeat to hold = type alt+key
  79. How to see source of existing patches without installing
  80. Patch to enable landscape in messaging?
  81. How can I test my patch before submitting it to webos-internals.org?
  82. patch request - alarm clock
  83. Will a Patch be ever created to Badges for icons ?
  84. Where did the Move Quick Actions up patch go?
  85. [Patch] Cycling Email Notifications with time stamp and delete button
  86. Updated "Battery widget" by Garret
  87. proximity sensor patch
  88. Hide stock apps
  89. Scale apps up to TP screen size
  90. [PATCH REQUEST] contacts shown as lastname, firstname
  91. PDF Viewer - Free Rotate v0.0.1.patch
  92. Any way to force (patch) youtube app to play lower quality
  93. Pin Unlock Vibrate 2.2.4
  94. [patch request] webos 3.x style notification dismissing on 2.x
  95. [REQUEST] Disable BT if Headset is off
  96. [patch request] screen off regardless of charge /discharge state.
  97. [REQUEST] Palm pre 2 Advanced New Card per Convo in Palm pre 2
  98. Single Enter Sends
  99. [Patch request] sort music files in album view in proper sequence
  100. Advanced help required with removing preware patch
  101. [Patch] SMS Vibrate w/ Tweaks Support
  102. [Patch] New Device Menu
  103. [Patch] Media Indexer No-Index Locations
  104. [PATCH] Remove Avatar from Chatview of Messenger for WebOS 2.2.x
  105. [PATCH] Messenger Mega Mix for WebOS 2.2.x
  106. [PATCH] Close phone app on hangup for WebOS 2.2.x
  107. [Patch] UI Scale
  108. [PATCH] Prevent in-call reset with Veer running WebOS 2.2.4
  109. pre patch webOS doctor?
  110. Connectivity BT TouchPad - PalmPre2, Verizon
  111. [Patch] Volume Button Camera Trigger
  112. [Patch] Continue sending video in Skype when minimized
  113. sms patch request
  114. Govnah is tripping, thinks phone hotter than it is
  115. [help] Even after EPR, I get IPKG error
  116. Request: MP3 in e-mail app to phone speaker
  117. hide apps in webos 2.0
  118. [Patch] Fixing/Enhancing vCard (.vcf) Export
  119. [PATCH] More transparent share link
  120. [Ptach req] Empty *all* Trashcans at once
  121. [patch request] Underline PDFs
  122. [REQUEST] WikiXplorer HD
  123. [Patch Request] Skype status in Just Type Contact list
  124. Uber calendar IPKG fail. [solved]
  125. [Patch] BetterEmailHeaders
  126. Switch from Phone 1 to Phone 2
  127. Still Haven't Figured Out How to Make This Easy
  128. Email Font Size when Reading
  129. HP Veer 4x4 icon launcher not in Preware.
  130. [Patch] User Agent Override
  131. [Patch] Custom Carrier String
  132. [Patch Request] Sync Facebook Names with Google Contact
  133. What should we be using to create patches that are AUSMT compatible?
  134. [PATCH] [2.x] Battery usage stats in device menu
  135. [PATCH] 'All App' category back into Touchpad's App Catalog
  136. [PATCH] Straight Talk Carrier String
  137. [Patch] App Catalog Country Changer - Round 2
  138. [Patch] Undim Device Menu Text
  139. [Patch] Maps Rebooting Patch 1.0 now released!
  140. [PATCH] Change calendar/contact sync frequency (2.2.4) - testers wanted
  141. stop automatic Zoom-In for text input.
  142. [PATCH REQUEST] No avatar in Messaging app
  143. auto WiFi possible?
  144. [Patch] More AppLauncher and QuickLaunch Bar Icons-TP
  145. Pre3 Patch Questions
  146. Brower Patch Request
  147. [Patch] Disable flash player pause when browser minimized for webOS 2.1.1 / 2.2.3
  148. patch Request in Device Menu
  149. Click and hold link functionality on the phones?
  150. Patch Request - Disable Proximity Sensor - Pre 3
  151. Block or spoof system time
  152. Possible to port 2.2.4 youtube app to 2.1
  153. [Patch request] Fix Messaging search for intials like in contacts (2.2.4)
  154. Patch Request: Webos Browser Manga One Chapter One page
  155. Patch: Remove Messaging beeps
  156. Patch request: Dismiss notifications & messaging
  157. [patch] Screenlock Wallpaper (1.4.5)
  158. Patch Creation + Installation Help
  159. Alternate characters patch
  160. Will ANYONE ever make a call block or reject patch for webos 2.2.4 ???? Rejectcall ?
  161. Help Making Patches
  162. [PATCH REQUEST] Light Bar When Charging
  163. touchpad 3.0.6
  164. increase volume in a Pre2
  165. [Patch] Shortens "Add to contacts" on German phones
  166. How to install “Call Block” in WebOS 2.2.4
  167. ERROR: Cannot find /var/usr/bin/patch /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/bin/ausmt-install: lin
  168. [Request] Spotify auto play playlist on start
  169. [Patch] Pandora Skip on Dashboard
  170. [REQUEST] Google Plus Picture Upload Patch
  171. [patch request] portait mode only when slider open
  172. [Patch] Auto Set Alarm Clock Volume
  173. [patch help/request] font size for plain text emails
  174. [Patch-Request] raise volume before alarm
  175. 4G icon
  176. Quick 4-number pin to unlock phone
  177. [patch request] 2.x make cursor positioning less sensitive
  178. [PATCH REQUEST] More Launcher Icons for TouchPad - 9x6 Landscape 7x8+ Portrait
  179. [Request] Roll All Top bar patches into one
  180. [Request] Enhanced USB Mode
  181. What happened to the 15px messaging font patch in 2.2.4?
  182. [Patch] Add Skype Invisible Messaging Status
  183. Is there a patch to show what tower / cell I'm connected to?
  184. [Patch/App Request]: Launch Exhibition Mode
  185. [REQUEST] Caller ID algorithm for 2.2.4
  186. [Patch Request] Muffle accelerometer status being written to /var/log/messages
  187. Fix Facebook timezone problems
  188. Data in Device Menu
  189. Help requested for Browser Find In Page patch
  190. Patch (Request) Lock-screen browser WiFi
  191. Option to select carrier / cellular network?
  192. Auto correct dictionary
  193. Browser Swipe Delete History (Pre2)
  194. Left-click link for new card in browser
  195. Patch Request(uscl)
  196. Palm wont pick up service after not restarting luna?
  197. Patch request (pre 3)
  198. Advanced Patched (Sconix) Won't Install on Pre 3
  199. Please help: device menu broken
  200. Help! My patch broke the device menu!
  201. [Patch Request] Email client override EAS HTML settings for Hotmail
  202. [Patch request] Block some USSD services messages
  203. Export Call History
  204. some people needs patch for browser...
  205. pre plus is not updating call log ,stuck at same date last year
  206. [patch] 2.2.x Reverse number lookup (multi-country!)
  207. (patch request) full screen browser pre3
  208. Custom International Dialer. Anyone interested?
  209. [Patch Request] Sprint Navigation night map
  210. [Patch Project] webOS Scrollbars
  211. patches and full erase- help needed.
  212. the best method to reject somebody's phone call !!
  213. [patch] Google Talk login fix
  214. [PATCH] [Touchpad] Enyo Smooth Scrolling
  215. Patch Request: Browser Text Wrapping
  216. What happened to Stream/Download videos patch?
  217. Patch Request: Messaging with Voice
  218. [Patch request] Auto-open notifications in exhibition
  219. [Patch] No AutoDial from Contacts
  220. Virtual keyboard horizontal view crash
  221. Battery Percent and Horizontal Icon
  222. [TOUCHPAD PATCHES] Pandora, Evernote, Splashtop for 4G and more
  223. [Patch Request] Unlink screen & light bar brightness
  224. patch request e-mail
  225. Patches for 3.0.5 question
  226. Looking for some older (apparently) patches
  227. [PATCH REQUEST] Dialpad, Vibrate only for Pre3 WebOS 2.2.4.
  228. Haptic Feedback for dialpad only (Pre2)
  229. [PATCH] JsTop for TouchPad
  230. [Help]How can I get the Phone Number when phone coming in or out?
  231. Homebrew patches missing?
  232. Patch request - addres input in contacts
  233. Change Carrier In Device Info - More Info View
  234. AUSMT confusion
  235. [patch request]
  236. Export Contacts 2.2.4
  237. email mega mix latest update
  238. [PATCH REQUEST] Remove voice dial sound
  239. (request) Open in New Card in the background
  240. [Patch request] Change sort order in messaging
  241. Where did the email and Calendar app code get moved to?
  242. Updated my patches for 2.2.4
  243. [Patch Request] Disable SMS vibrate during call
  244. WFD (What's for Dinner) for TouchPad - Any demand?
  245. [Request] change the "E" please!
  246. [Patch Request] Cycle through Exhibition Modes
  247. [REQUEST] Sync icon in top bar
  248. Patch REQ: Exhibition Mode enhancements
  249. Patch / Hack Request: Reduce minimum volume
  250. Patch Request: Exhibition Date to respect regional settings 2.x