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    Nightstand simply displays a completely black background while in Exhibition mode. This is for users that want to keep their device on a touchstone by their bed at night without being bothered by the light from the time display on their device.

    Current Version: 0.7.0
    Added: Pre3 & TouchPad Compatibility

    Make sure to enable Nightstand in the Exhibition preferences app. We’re aware that the backlight remains on while in Exhibition mode and are currently searching for a way to automatically turn it off. If we find a way to do so, it will certainly be added in an update.

    Please let us know if there are any features you’d like to see us add.

    Requires webOS 2.1.0
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    Changelog for Nightstand:

    v0.7.0 (8/30/2011):
    Added: Pre3 & TouchPad Compatibility

    v0.6.8 (7/8/2011):
    Added: TouchPad Compatibility

    v0.6.4 (5/9/2011):
    Fixed: Update App link

    v0.6.0 (3/21/2011):
    Initial Release!
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    Where can we find the app?

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    isn't this accomplished by just tapping the power button while it's in exhibition mode?
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    On my Pre2 it doesn't stay off throughout the night when you press the button

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    It's available in the App Catalog now.

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