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    I'm looking into exhibition mode for Squeeze Control and I trying to decide how much functionality I should put into that mode.

    One end of the spectrum would be a simple Now Playing screen with playback and volume controls. The other end would be a mini app with three screens (Now Playing, Current Playlist, Player Manager), the ability to switch players, and repeat, shuffle, sleep controls.

    I'm leaning towards the simple version, since I'm not sure if the complex version is worth the effort for a mode that's meant more for display.

    Any suggestions?
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    I know, this has been asked quite a while ago... However, since you asked...

    I think a simple now playing screen as an exhibition mode with keys for next or previous song would be an excellent addition to the App..
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    Actually there already is exhibition mode support in the phone version of Squeeze Control. It was added in v2.1.0.
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    Ah, I have the XL version, so I would be interested in an Exhibition mode for the TP version. That would be a cool feature...

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    I would also vote for a simple version. If you want all functionality it's not that much fuzz to swipe up and leave exhibition mode.
    A little bit of some sort of additional visualisation would be cool though. A Clock for example.
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    Actually my current idea is to have XL's exhibition mode be something like the stock music player's full screen mode.
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    Sounds good to me... I'm looking forward to it...
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    Great, the XL's exhibition mode is in now and is exactly what I wanted!! Many thanks...

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