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    This is where I'll make any new product announcements. Update announcements will be made in the threads for each app.
    Apps for webOS
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    Closing thread to posts, only for announcements.
    Apps for webOS
    Twitter: angrygoatapps
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    New App, Pronto Dial 1.0 has is now available in the app catalog.

    Quickly dial or text your most frequently used contacts.Designed to mimic the look and feel of native WebOS apps to give a more seamless experience. Optimized for fast loadup. A great replacement for the Phone app on the Quick Launch bar.

    -Fast Loadup
    -Supports multiple user customizable categories
    -Reordering of categories and contacts
    -One touch dialing/texting
    -Drawers for accessing a contact's other phone numbers
    -Mechanism to prevent accidental deletion
    Apps for webOS
    Twitter: angrygoatapps
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    New App, FiT Tracker is now available in the app catalog.

    F-i-T Tracker is for people with renewable power generation systems who use the Feed-in-Tariff policy to calculate their revenue for the power they generate.

    Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) is also known as Electricity Feed Laws, Feed-in Laws, Advanced Renewable Tariffs (ART), Renewable Tariffs, and more recently Renewable Energy Payments. If you've never heard of any of these terms, this app is NOT for you.

    This app helps keep track of the monthly costs, revenue, and savings of renewable energy generation systems like solar, wind, geothermal, etc.

    Features Include:
    - Quick & Easy input of your electricity meter readings.
    - List your meter readings grouped by year w/ calculated costs and revenue since the previous reading.
    - Reports of your costs and revenues per month w/ graphs.
    - Summary of your costs and revenues to date.
    - Estimated payback time for your renewable energy installation.
    - Keep the contact information of your electricity supplier and purchaser in one location.
    - Email your generated power readings to your electricity purchaser.
    - Export your meter readings as a spreadsheet to Google Docs.
    - Import meter readings from a spreadsheet file or from Google Docs.
    Apps for webOS
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    New App in the beta catalog, PS Connect Beta.

    PS Connect Beta lets you use the 'Remote Connection' feature of Photoshop CS5 to select editing tools. Please read the requirements below, before downloading. This app is at a very early state. It's more of a proof-of-concept than anything else, but it is functional.

    - Photoshop CS5 version 12.0.4 or better. 'Remote Connection' is a NOT available in any version older than 12.0.4.
    - webOS 2.1 device or better.
    - 'Remote Connection' must be enabled in Photoshop.
    - Both the computer running Photoshop & phone must be on the same network.
    - Wifi Connection recommended.

    To enable 'Remote Connection' in Photoshop, select the 'Remote Connection' item in a 'Edit' menu. This will open the Remote Connections dialog. If the 'Remote Connections' item is not there, you are using the wrong version of Photoshop.
    From there, make sure the 'Enable Remote Connection' checkbox is selected and copy the address and password to the corresponding field in the app. The password is case sensitive. Please read the 'Help' in the app for more info.
    Apps for webOS
    Twitter: angrygoatapps
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    New App for the Touchpad, SimpleClock

    An simple alarm clock with weather. Turn your Touchpad into a desktop alarm clock and cut down on the clutter.

    - Large, easy to read time and weather display.
    - 12 or 24 hour clock display.
    - Dual alarms with adjustable snooze and customizable sounds.
    - 4 day weather forecast.
    - Adjustable brightness.
    - Works in Portrait or Landscape mode.
    - Option to prevent the screen from locking.
    - Exhibition mode support (enable it in the Exhibition app).
    Apps for webOS
    Twitter: angrygoatapps
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    Squeeze Player for the Touchpad and Pre3

    A software Squeezebox player built for the Touchpad and Pre3, but should work with older devices provided that the device meets certain requirements.

    Please visit the following thread for more details:
    Apps for webOS
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    Squeeze Control is now also available for Android.

    Requires Android 4.0+ and works on devices with screen sizes up to 7in.
    Apps for webOS
    Twitter: angrygoatapps

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