I have a wifi only TP that bricked on me. I ran the tpdebrick utility and revived my TP. I decided that after that I would upgrade to a newer android OS. I have flashed the TP to every version from to 7.1 and every time I cannot get Candy Crush to run! I know that it is only one game app but before the TP bricked on me it was running just fine. After installing the updates I don't even get to the opening screen. While the orange load screen is showing, I get a few bars of music and then the screen goes black and the buttons at the bottom of the screen jump to the top of the screen like the screen inverted itself and then kicks me out completely.

Besides the other things I use the TP for, this is the one game I play on the pad so I'm kind of bummed that I cant get it to work. It works on my iPhone and another completely different android tablet my wife uses but not the TP.

I have contacted King support with absolutely no help. Does anyone out there know what I can do? I have uninstalled and cleared the cache and data. No change.

Please help!!!!!