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    Is there anyway I can install android on a hp touchpad go? If so how and how stable would it be?
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    Looks like a long shot, according to the discussion here (start at page 2):
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    The Go, if I remember all I read around, has some builds of android 2.x available for a flash.
    The flashing to android requires also to reflash the touchscreen controller... thus dual boot with webos is not possible.

    Note that you can then reflash the controller to be used for webos, but I would not advice to nonstop reflashing it to move from one to the other, if you plan to have a long lasting unit....
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    I have a TP Go with gingerbread installed. Never use it as I dislike gingerbread alot.
    I tried to root it using gingerbreak but without success. And I cannot get ADB devices to recognize it either.

    I would sell it;
    but would prefer to donate it if someone could get a ICS/JB version (CM or otherwise) working so that I could dual boot my other two webOS 3.05 TP GOs.
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    If want to flash Webos Go to Andriod Go. Run command:

    novacom put mem:// <emmc_appsboot.mbn
    novacom open tty://

    bio write mmc0p6 0x41000000 0x0 0x1000000

    And enter fastboot mode.

    Run Bat and flash andriod images into Go.

    (Take from ex-HP document file TP7 Andriod.....)

    (One webos fan reported that Go lost touch-function after flashing Andriod 2.3.3 into Webos Go).
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