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    I have 4g 32gb touchpad with ACL Open Mobile installed.I would like to install Sirius xm android app and see if I can get it to run. It does not appear in ACL app catalogs. How do I download and install either amazon app catalog or the xm app itself and install?
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    you find the instructions on how to install the amazon catalog on the amazon page. Navigate to the android app section and there should be an instruction on the right side somewhere.

    I have that and it works quite well, but of course not all apps that claim to be compatible do run on ACL. Some don't start or crash.

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    The amazon app store installed but now I find it does not have xm radio app as I expected and google play will not download or install on touchpad. It asks how I want to install either browser or mobile app store. Neither work to install. Any other suggestions?
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    Amazon won't show apps that aren't compatible with your device. There are instructions in this thread to install Google Play:
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    Do what i did. Install Cyanogenmod Android 4.4.4.
    I installed it on my 16Gb Touchpad and it works like a dream.

    All apps and games i tried works as well as on any genuine Android tab using similar hardware.
    Im sad to loose webos but i gained so much more. Now I have apps that I can actually use in my everyday life such as banking apps and other govermet apps.

    Buying the Tuchpad my intention was to install Android and get a good spec tab for a nice price.
    My plan worked perfecly. When I lerned that HP was shutting down services the switch to android was a fact.

    Still love Webos but its not my daily driver any more. The touchpad is used daily now with android.
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