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    I just want to stop this 5.0.2 update which says it's already downloaded itself and wants me to reboot and install.

    I gave it a shot on first release, but it was not a fit for my device or for me, so I rolled back to KK4.4 which was not easy but it stopped the hourly crashing &e restored many UI features I don't like the new version.

    If anyone knows how to prevent the update, I'd appreciate your input. Right now I'm worried that powering down will trigger an install.
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    How to disable OTA lollipop without wakelock | Google Nexus 5 | XDA Forums

    This will disable further updates, but deleting an already-downloaded update? That, i don't know how to do. I just click "later" every time i get the notification.
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    Thanks. I was wondering if there was a way without rooting, which requires a PC connection for the older model I have.

    I did try something that seems to work: uninstalled Google Play Services and shut off notifications, then re-updated it. Notifier gone and reboot does not trigger install of the update that is still offered under the update tab.

    Good enough for now.
    Sporting my 13th Pre device, a NOS unlocked ROW Pre3!
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    Hi, no need to uninstall nor root. Just disabling notifications from Google Play Services worked for me. (Nexus 7 2012, running stock KitKat 4.4.4)
    Here's how I did it:
    Open the Security menu, and enter "Apps" sub-menu. Locate "Google Play Services" and don't stop it (because Google Play Store would stop connecting), just uncheck the option "Show notifications", and that's it! You won't receive that annoying notification anymore!

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