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    Has anyone installed this successfully who is running Kitkat or higher?
    I have a 4.4. rom (evervolv, the non media one) and tried to install these office apps but am getting:
    "this device uses a processor that doesn't meet the system requirements for installing Office"

    the processor is supposed to be ARM and the screen between 7-10 inches, both of which Touchpad qualifies.
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    Android for the HP TouchPad 4G

    TP 32Gb 4G. 3.0.5 / CM10 ~ TP 32Gb 4G. 3.0.5 / CM11
    TP 32Gb 4G (Sierra). 3.0.5 / CM10 ~ TP 32Gb WiFi. 3.0.5 / CM10

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    no,but thanks, it doesn't recognize the ROM.

    I bit the bullet and went ahead and installed the jcsullins 4.4 media data rom using his touchpad toolbox tool (found on xda developers forum). Kitkat apparently has less than 40% market share with jellybean (an earlier os) close to 45%, so we seem to be a long way from having this OS be obsolete in terms of apps.

    For anyone who wants to move to a data media rom, the touchpad toolbox tool wil resize the webOS storage partition and grab all the extra space for the separate android partition (make a backup of all your files on webOS USB as it will nuke to do this). You have to let it do it and then resize afterwards and give all the data back to webOS storage either by running the tool again or using Tailor in webOS (i tried to resize during the toolbox's first use and it hiccuped and stopped before installing android so best to let it do its thing first). I gave Android 6GB because the OS and apps (including MSFT word, excel and powerpoint) took up almost 4GB, these OS's are bloated these days.

    Using this particular rom, the webOS usb storage can be seen in android (in sdcard1 vs sdcard0 for android) and vice versa. For instance I restored my webOS music folder and played a song using VLC app in android. Conversely I downloaded a movie in android, transferred it to the webOS movies folder while still in android and then played it in webOS (using Kalemsoft) and Android (using vlc). You can store your android backups on either "sdcard".

    The advantage of the webOS partition is not only webOS but also being able to be mounted as USB on the mac.
    There is a setting for USB storage on the android side to connect to the mac but I could not get the touchpad to show up as a drive in finder unlike in webOs (although I was able to sideload with terminal in android so something worked, perhaps the other way to install).

    Unfortunately the touchpad toolbox tool also forces you to install gapps (??!) even if you don't want it. I found a minimal gapps here ([APP] [CM11] [CM12] Minimal Gapps (gapps-kk-€ | Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 | XDA Forums). Apparently the minimal one is useful as the regular one is aggressive in replacing stock apps with its own version and running scripts in background but I don't know much about this, read the thread for more info)

    There is an LBE Privacy App on XDA developers forum with an english translation that is supposed to help with monitoring app permissions and seems to be well liked but I don't know much about it.

    ps: the office apps also have obb files which contain additional info as google apparently has a limit on app apk sizes so if your apk is larger, you stuff the additional info in these obb files. If you are side loading, you have to make a subfolder inside Android called obb and then inside that folder make a folder for each app (i.e. one folder for excel , one for word and one for powerpoint) and put the obb file inside that corresponds to the folder (i.e., put the excel file inside the excel folder sitting inside the obb folder--you can read about this in the xda thread referenced in the post above).
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    Just to update this:

    I installed the lbe privacy app which let me see the permissions and block them including invasive permissions to access things like contacts and messages in system apps like the gallery (??!!) and the wallpapers.

    I then downloaded a word file from pogoplug and opened it and modified including adding tables in word. I believe word had to download some fonts and might have messed up some fonts but the word app is still in beta so I am giving it time.
    The touchpad crashed and rebooted which was disappointing so save early and often!
    After the one crash it did not crash further but I did not try to open any other apps the second time while word was open. The touchpad has 1 gb of ram so I would think it would be ok.

    Hp touchpad Bluetooth keyboard had lag in the coffee shop on touchpad but not iPad but no lag on touchpad while at home so I will try it again while out.

    I would like to know if anyone else tries this and what was result. I was using office beta v 13 distributed last week
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluenote View Post
    Has anyone installed this successfully who is running Kitkat or higher?

    I finally got around to testing this out -- my company is moving to Office 365. So, I am able to confirm that you can successfully install and use the latest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint for Tablet (Android) on an HP TouchPad with a CM 11 (KitKat) data-media ROM, particularly if you are running one of jcsullins builds (upon which my 4G builds are based).

    I followed the general directions from this xda forum post:How to install Microsoft Word, Excel & P… | Android Development and Hacking | XDA Forums. The specific steps I used:

    1. Uninstalled all preview or earlier versions of these Office 365 applications.
    2. Downloaded the latest versions (16.0.3823.1014) of the *.apk and *.obb files from here:!goUA0R5K!H1KKKwqxCeJ5jTrEjwystg
    3. Copied these six files to a temporary directory on my HP TouchPad.
    4. Created the following directories on the HP TouchPad:
    5. Copied the *.obb files to these directories as follows:
    6. Installed each of the *apk files as follows:
    7. Opened each application immediately following installation and they ran their first time set up routine.
    8. Logged into my corporate Office 365 account and was able to open and edit files.
    Android for the HP TouchPad 4G

    TP 32Gb 4G. 3.0.5 / CM10 ~ TP 32Gb 4G. 3.0.5 / CM11
    TP 32Gb 4G (Sierra). 3.0.5 / CM10 ~ TP 32Gb WiFi. 3.0.5 / CM10

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