I saw Google has Picsel Smart Office 2 for free https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...rtoffice&hl=en
I grabbed the apk and sideloaded it into ACL on my TouchPad as I'm looking for a document app which can connect to Box and save the files I need on my TouchPad to use when offline. I have Mobisystems Officesuite Pro, but it doesn't give an option to save remote files to the device.
Anyway, when I open Smart Office after installing, it give the error "invalid application license", not unlike the red screen some got when using the webOS version, but I've got internet, even confirmed it in the ACL browser. I assume it has to do with the apk doing some kind of validation after installation. Any ways around it? I've installed it in CM and it seems to work well for my needs.