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    I've read a ton of Wiki's and posts here about best android only to notice that the original post was sometime pre-Y2K. I figured it was time for a end of year update especially for us old geezers out here that remember COBOL and FORTRAN better than anything post HTML... Those 1s and 0s are so much simpler than 11.2 with a 3.05 kernel build 4.4.4 with the esp launcher from JC's tenderloin.

    I'm currently on Android 4.2.2 CM 10.1 from Nov 2013 and its locking up every hour or two. I'd love to upgrade rather than having to loose my data, or have to worry about finding it all and restoring from a backup. I'm handy with tailor and will likely need to tweak my own memory because I've made them all huge beside the usb trying to limit the crashes. (Seem to be cache size related, at about 200M it crashes without deleting the cache.)

    So pointing me to the simplest instructions would help too. Somehow the easiest way with the toolkit appears to be harder or more instructions than it needs to be... Heck, them first time we did this android load it was just like three lines of instructions iirc...

    Thanks to all you young wippersnapers (who can count to 10, rather than to 1)!!!

    30 end
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