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    Hi folks,

    I want to start by apologizing. I know battery drain is a common question and that there are a ton of threads related to improving it. But I did have a hard time finding specific battery resolutions with JCSullins 4.4.4.

    So, I am currently running webOS and CM11 JCSullins 4.4.4 as a dual boot. I have pretty much tried everything on the Android portion, but it seems to drop battery very quickly. On the webOS portion, it can last for hours with almost no drain. I have tried re installing CM11 and installing the firmware upgrade (A6 I think it was called) with no success.

    So, my question is simple: Is there a better, more popular version of Android for the Touchpad that I should consider running? I know CM9 is very popular, but I can never find a very good detailed list. On XDA someone referenced a sheet that should have had all the builds and battery related information, but the thread was not where it should have been.

    I apologize for opening another thread on this topic. I really like my Touchpad and just want to get a little more life out of it

    Thank you for your help in advance!
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    Similar discussion here:
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