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    Just a handful of questions for people that have Android on their Touchpad:

    1) When I switch back to WebOS there are so many folders for pictures, is there a way to avoid that?
    2) Are there any sort of screensavers or anything like exhibition for when it's on the charger?
    3) The rotation lock doesn't work in every app, is there a way to correct that?
    4) Does it seem to charge slower on the Touchstone on Android then when it's in WebOS or is that just my imagination?
    5) is there any way to stop the tablet from turning off when I'm watching a video?

    thanks guys!
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    1) There's a patch in Preware called "Media Indexer No-Index Locations." You install a patch and then write a file listing the directories you want webOS to ignore. Works well. Directions are in the thread of the same name. Takes a couple of minutes to set up, but it works.

    Note that you don't have to list each individual folder; if you have a bunch of Zinio magazines, you can list the /media/internal/com.zinio directory (that's not it exactly but you get what I mean) and the patch will ignore everything in the dependent folders.

    Zinio, Facebook and Comixology were my biggest image sources, but not anymore.

    2) Not yet.

    3) You could try a different app. I used one I had on my phone originally. It was one of the first in the Play Store - "Ultimate Rotation Control" I think.

    4) There's a discussion somewhere about power usage for the CM builds. They draw power faster unless you tweak your setup, so I think your net charge rate will be less in that case.

    5) There are screen lock apps available for free. Worked for me.

    Sorry for all the qualifiers - I don't have my CM tablet with me and I'm going off my memory.
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    some more comments:

    1) Media Indexer No-Index Locations - This is a must have if you play with Android and want to still use webOS (who woudn't!)

    2) Are there any sort of screensavers or anything like exhibition for when it's on the charger? - I use Beautiful Widgets which has a weather/date/time daydream option, and there is also the built in 'Daydreams' options.
    for some basic ideas: Daydream apps | Android Apps | Playboard

    5) most video players will have this in their settings. Watching a video with MX Player has never been interrupted.
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    Thanks guys! I have a new batch of 'android on WebOS' questions

    1) is there a way to take a screenshot?

    2) What's the difference between the Google Play store and the Amazon App store?

    3) Why are there so many widgets? What's the point of dozens or wetather/clock thingies? Can I delete them?

    4) Does Android have a decent doodle app? Where I can write over pdf's or jpg's?

    5) Now when i put my tablet back into webos, I can't access it via USB. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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