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    Hey folks,
    I took the Touchapd from the closet and wiped away the dust to use it for a special project for which I need to use VNC server on it and do long automated series of commands (mouse clicks and keyboard combos). After I finally found a ROM that seems stable ( CM10.1) for my apps I realized that there is HUGE latency problem over WiFi. Pings to the gateway varies from 2ms to 1000ms with average 75ms but many peaks over 500ms. And that is sitting on top of the WiFi AP. For those unaware of what those numbers mean, a modern LTE cellular phone can do 30-50ms pings and that is to somewhere on the internet, not the next hop on the network. In other words, the PINGS I experience are HUGE.
    I've tried 4.4, 4.3, and 4.2 - all sucked. Also, this numbers are with the device awaken, CPU set to 1500 mhz and WiFi optimization OFF. It isn't my network either.

    The result of this latency is that the remote session sometimes misses a command, thus breaking the automation.

    So, could some of you try their TP and ROMs they have and tell what you find? Just get close to your home router and ping it 100 times and paste some results or impressions.
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    build.prop tweaks for all !!!! - xda-developers

    ^ just google around or search xda/rootzwiki for similar build.prop threads, as long as the wifi actually works then you tend to find a lot of the wifi related "changes" you want will often just be entries you can modify in build.prop
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    Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, all the mods i have found for build.prop does not affect latency - only throughput which isn't relevant in this case.
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    Ok, at least can a few ppl test their touchpads under Android and post average ping times?

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