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    Skype 4.4 on CM10 works fine for me for the most part, but I'm finding some volume control problems that I don't get with WebOS or other Skype platforms.

    On almost every call, my microphone stops working about 10-15 minutes into the conversation, and the other side can no longer hear me. Turning the microphone off and on or adjusting the volume has no effect. I have to disconnect and call back. I see many reports of similar problems with Skype on Android, but it's not clear if there's a common cause. There's some mention of PulseAudio being at fault - does the TouchPad use that with Android?

    I have also had some calls calls where the caller's volume is really low at first, and slowly comes up to normal as they talk. I would dismiss that as being some sort of automated volume control at their end, except that it only happens with CM10 at my end.

    The brief calls to Skype Echo Test are always fine in both directions, so no help there.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Any ideas on fixing it? I try to leave the TP on WebOS most of the time, but sometimes I'm on Android when a Skype call comes in.
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    I've given up leaving my TP in Android because of this problem. I use Skype a lot on the tablet, and I'm tired of every conversation losing my audio after several minutes.

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