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    Incredible no one has post this. Jcsullins has finally release the code for have the Bluetooth working in CM10.1 and Later.

    He have also release a build with Bluetooth Downloads - Downloading

    Milaq include this patch also in his CM10.2 version.

    Some guys are working to porting the Kernel 3.4 for the Touchpad

    So before you think to buy a new tablet, try this new version and maybe if you want, you can donate something to this guys that make our Touchpad still alive.

    For instruction and information go on Rootzwiki section HP Touchpad.
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    A new build is available that fix the bluetooth tethering.

    Download here Downloads - Downloading or here Dev-Host - - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

    md5sum: 7b04c0505cc77f8329c467f395d502cc

    The code for the devs

    Thanks to jcsullins again!
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    Another awesome work by jcsullins!

    A new build with the first issue for tenderloin fixed! The VPN! You can finally use the VPN!

    Download the new build here Downloads - Downloading or here Dev-Host - - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

    The code for the devs

    Thanks again to legendary jcsullins!
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    Installed it yesterday with the newer ACMEInstaller5. It seems to work pretty well. Haven't tested much but it was able to pull down all my apps from my other CM10 Touchpad.

    Multiple user account works, for free apps anyway. Each user has to install the apps from the play store but the OS only uses one copy.

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