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    Back in April I installed CM10 onto my TP (CM10-20130304). It was a clean install since I never had any version of CM installed on the device before. It's been running pretty well and I've been pretty happy with it. Now I would like to update it to the latest stable build of CM10 and I am not sure how I would go about doing it. There are plenty of guides that tell you how to go from CM9 to CM10, but I haven't been able to find anything that tells me how to update CM10. I am notoriously bad at researching stuff so the answer could very well be under my nose.
    I would really appreciate it if someone can give me some instructions on how to update, plus where to get the newest stable build.

    While we're at it, does anyone know a way of increasing the allocated internal space? I have a lot of apps and I've been moving them to the SD partition. When I hit 50 though the whole thing crapped out and I was forced to remove a lot of stuff to get it working again. It would be really nice if I can increase the virtual internal storage space to something more than the standard 1.5 GB.

    Thanks for all the help.
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    When you find and download the CM10 update 'zip' file that you need (last one I can see is April - '20130418'),
    place it in 'cminstall' folder and use 'Clockwork' to find and update the file to
    the system.
    A system 'backup' would be a good idea first - obviously.

    Did you use ACME Installer3 originally? This does provide a largER partition for CM10 than for CM9 etc.

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    Download GooManager. It checks for updates every day.
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    Regarding the 50 limit - use App2SD move applications back to internal storage). Repeat that every time you upgrade an once-moved application.
    (People around here are too damn stupid / non-curious/non self-discovering)
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    when you say "update" make sure its the same releases your upgrading, so if you have CM10, then yeah upgrade to a different CM10, but dont upgrade CM10 to an AOSP release, if your changing releases do a full remove/install.

    also dont upgrade just because the release has a higher number or was built at a later date, a build on a later date doesnt always mean its better or more feature packed, sometimes they have way more bugs and fewer features so if what you have now works perfectly fine, id reccomend sticking with it, and if you MUST upgrade, READ ALL the release notes to see what does and doesnt work properly.

    also, backups are always handy, just incase.

    also with ref to your SD card issues, i thought CM either came with or had mention of DirectoryBind, which can solve the issue you mention, ive had it for a while on numerous devices to push apps onto my ext-sd cards when the only normal option was internal/usb (basically internal partitions).
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