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    So I finally decided to give what some consider to be the best in the series, Final Fantasy III a try on my TouchPad with CM10. I've had my TouchPad in CM10 a lot lately for the Roku app and now FF III. I'm having a blast and so far it seems to be right up there with Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy VII, and Chrono Trigger, to me anyway. I stopped playing a few hours ago and decide to check my e-mail (I'm in CM10 most of the time now remember? E-mail notifications are terrible, I'm not using them in Android) and I see the ACL Kickstarter met its goal. I'm so happy but oh boy, getting this save over to webOS should be interesting lol.

    Edit: I added a more appropriate title seconds after posting the thread, but it seems our site doesn't allow edits of the title even if its within a small window.
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