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    What's up my TouchPad homies? TrooperKhan from Montreal here, nice to meet y'all.

    Ok So I am transitioning over from the iOS / too scared to root my motorola because I have no idea what demons will spring forth from said portal to hell dimensions platform and consider myself from the Let's not Brick it Crew. Feel free to join.

    the TouchPad is cool, too bad WebOS didn't work out.

    <link removed by moderator>

    Currently running CM9 with a few issues.



    Good news first:


    boot time down from 61s (webOS) to 19s (GO CM dev crew!)

    Camera works with minor issues

    Gmail works, Contacts sync fine. Talk is working too.

    Youtube works in browser, fullscreen works.

    Google Play works! No way to enable it on google play website eh? As its not supported by google? Meh, no big deal.
    Point is, Drive is up and running, Tasks is up and running, QuickPic is fast as... Man... THIS is what the TouchPad was meant to feel like!

    Testing out the 70+ other apps I have on my phone and will post a new thread with feedback / questions


    Camera (always seems to shoot portrait for now, fix would be cool, also the UI is a little wierd looking, let's get to that later)

    Youtube in browser isn't but not too concerned at the moment.


    Before it disappoints me to death, does chrome work ok on CM9?

    What is your experience with overclocking using the app Pete shows in his video? CPU Master, I think he called it?

    Again, really don't feel like bricking this currently awesome tablet, so aware me your experiences!

    Knows issues? Is the default browser faster?

    That's all for now homies,

    Keep it real
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