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    I have been using my HP Touchpad with CM9 for the past 6 months.. Pretty happy with the features.. Just that my WiFi connection keeps dropping every 5 minutes... So it is a pain always to reconnect.. Is there any new CM version which is released to fix this WIFI Disconnection issue yet?
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    Have you got the most recent version of CM9 installed??
    So far all latest CM10's seem very stable.

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    I've been very happy with CM10.
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    I know the Cyanogen guys don't give release dates, but does anyone with more knowledge about what they're up to know if there will ever be any official builds of CM10 for the TouchPad? Or are they just not interested in the TouchPad any more? There's still no stable or even milestone build of CM9, just nightlies. (though I've been running CM9 nightlies for quite some time with very little problem)
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    probably no real rush when it works well enough.
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    Releases go through stages before a final version is released.
    If a beta is stable it may just become the final release. Often they move on to Release Candidate 1 then 2. (RC1)
    I would say the one I linked above could easily be renamed from beta to official release.
    I like it a lot.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Hello, I have tried to install Android on my touchpad twice now. I followed every step and everything goes accordingly to the tutorial videos except that at the end android does not boot.
    My booting screen is missing the option "boot cyanogenmod"
    I just have the options "boot webos", "boot clockworkmod", "boot webosrecovery", "reboot" and "shutdown".
    Any idea what I am doing wrong?

    I am using CM 10 MBM Beta 20121027

    Thanks for any help you can give!
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    My HP does not booting Android. It is stop on first moving screen . Recently I upgrade it to Cyanogen 10 and it is doing same only screen changed to circles. Anybody can help me.

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