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    For the past few months when I leave my dual-booted TouchPad on ICS, I've noticed the screen would turn on randomly and then just as quickly it will shut off. This might happen 10 or more times an hour, and usually I'll see a string of turn ons & offs every few seconds. The battery drain from this is noticeable compared with leaving the TouchPad booted to WebOS.

    I occasionally turn on Wi-Fi and do not use BlueTooth. For the most part, I leave the unit in Airplane mode. I usually just use the TP to play a few games or surf. I know JB is available but I'm not too keen on scrapping my ICS and all the installed apps to install the newer version. For me it's more hassle than it's worth.

    Coming back to the issue at hand, because of the random screen on & off I'm seeing (which is especially bothersome when the TP is lying on a table near my bed when the room lights are turned off), I'm now reluctant to leave the TP booted to ICS. The only problem is booting to WebOS takes so long. And, shutting down the TP is worrisome because I sometimes spend 10 seconds or more trying to power it on to the blue multi-boot menu.

    I'm running Android 4.0.4, Kernel 2.6.35-palm-tenderloin from May 7, 2012.
    CyanogenMod V-9.0.0-RC0 tenderloin unofficial

    I have the "Magic Smoke" live wallpaper that came with the OS. Thinking this to be the culprit, I switched the wallpaper to "no wallpaper" to see if that makes a difference. Apparently not. I'm still seeing the same thing with the wallpaper switched off. Very weird!

    Anyone else experience this issue?
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    Download the latest nightly and your problems will probably go away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by richard443 View Post
    Download the latest nightly and your problems will probably go away.
    Thanks for your tip but sadly, the issue is still there. I thought I had the latest nightly but when I checked there were a bunch newer from June (and mine was May). I installed it but I'm still seeing random screen turn-ons and turn-offs and it's a total turn-off because this is draining my battery. I can't be the only one having this. I'm stumped! Any other ideas?

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