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    Hello all. Have done some significant research before posting but have not found a clear match to my problem. I bought two Touchpads for my daughters when on fire sale (lucked out with OnSale), and they have been running with CM9 with no problem for several months. One of them last week would not boot and after some charging it appears to be stuck in a boot loop. I have charged it for several days to try to eliminate battery issues with no luck, and I suspect something other than charging...

    Here is what it will do :

    If I hold home and power to reset, it will momentarily show the HP logo, then the Moboot menu, but it instantly flashes to a Cyanogenmod boot with no waiting (first clue that the home button is stuck ????). The unit then tries to boot but the display will not stay lit. Occasionally when the unit is resting on the Touchstone I can see the clock like it has been booted into CM9, but I cannot interact with the touch screen at all, and the clock will not stay on the display.

    If I try to boot and bring it into recovery mode, I can hold the Volume Up after releasing the home and power and I get a blue screen and the message to "Please Release Keys" (another clue that the home key is stuck ?).

    From this position it runs the boot loop again, with no opportunity to interact. Can't get it to recovery so it is a paperweight at this point..

    I see my options as follows :

    1. Keep trying to charge to see if it is just a battery charge issue, but if I see evidence that it is booting into CM9, that steers me away from this solution
    2. Let it discharge cpmpletely and then recharge (don't really like the risk of introducing a battery issue where there isn't one...)
    3. Crack the unit open and try a replacement of the home button

    Would appreciate any input.


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    Hi cthenrys,

    I'm moving your thread to our Android on webOS forum. Hopefully you will get the answer you are looking for over here since it is right up the alley for this forum.

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