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    Anyone have any luck installing the smartglass app on CM10? When I try to do it via the playstore it says my version of Android is not compatible. Any way to make it identify tenderloin as 4.1.2 (which it is)?
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    Its a largely useless app anyways tbh, it cant do anything useful unless you somehow want a 10 inch remote control for playing media or staring at your avatar interests you.
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    Yeah I know. I'm only interested in it because I have one game that is missing one achievement. That achievement requires smartglass. Yeah it's a silly reason.
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    yeah ive got a working version for CM10 ,pm me your email address and I'll send it to you :-)
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    Thanks PM sent
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    Any chance of a solution being published public ally as I'd like to do this myself
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    Quote Originally Posted by nick burgess View Post
    Any chance of a solution being published public ally as I'd like to do this myself
    Matt went MIA so I never got a PM/email back. If someone responds to me and sends me the file I will gladly share.
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    Matt sent me the file and it worked flawlessly. Thanks Matt.

    Something odd happened today though. My TP would not turn on. It was fully charges yesterday so that was bizarre. I had to hold the center and power buttons for 20 seconds for it to come back on again. Could it have anything to do with the hacked smartglass app?
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    the app could be unstable or android itsself, remember android is largely still alpha/beta in all its touchpad variants, devs are still trying to perfect their builds.

    an easier method to try playing with is simply what device your touchpad gets reported as, for example if you tell it via its build.prop file that its a Nexus7 (there are various other good ones to try) instead of cm_tenderloin, sometimes more stuff shows up in the app market and may (or may not) behave differently.

    my 8" chineese knockoff allwinner tablet was down as god only knows what kind of device but then i changed......

    ro.product.model=Nexus 7

    in my build.prop and now i see more than i did before and the odd app behaves better than beforehand, this could be out of date today for all i know tho, plus i havent done this on my touchpad yet, just 2 of my allwinner knockoff mini-tablets.

    maybe back-up yout build.prop, try those changes, see if anything works/breaks, or better yet try searching xda-developers for something similar.
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