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    I just installed the latest CM10 on my Touchpad. I am actually shocked I didn't botch the instillation process. Now that it's running I can't find the Google Playstore to download apps. I am not a frequent Android user, but on my wife's phone the playstore is right there with the default apps. Any hints?

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    You need to get Gapps from and flash that. Gapps - CyanogenMod
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    I had the Gapps zip in cminstall when I installed it. I guess it didn't like it. How do you flash it without going through the whole installation process again? Also the page you linked shows CM10.1 does it make a difference if I am running Android 4.1.2?
    Thanks for the help.
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    Pick the right ZIP for your version. Search for gapps at Make sure to get the one that corresponds to your Android version. To flash, save the zip to sdcard (internal, that is, since the TP doesn't actually have a SD slot), then reboot to CWM Recovery (or whatever one you use). Tell it to install a ZIP, find the file you downloaded, and flash it.
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    Thanks. Fro anyone equally clueless as myself I found this video to be very helpful.

    How to install Android 4.2 Gapps on Any Jelly Bean 4.1 CM10 or AOKP Device - YouTube

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