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    Pretty simpe question here...the upgrade from CM9 to CM10 looks pretty complex and i am happy with ICS. all i use my TP for is web browsing, email, some apps like nbcnews and youtube and the occasional game like Angry Birds. Just learned to sync with my itunes account.

    what is the difference between ICS and Jelly Bean? Do I worry about it or just keep doing what i am doing?
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    I guess this would help
    Compare Jellybean vs ICS Android OS - Why Jellybean is better Than ICS ~ Blogs Hippo

    thanks to a quick bing search xD
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    if you want to use flash web sites, stick with ICS.
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    ICS is more stable, JB has some new toys.

    If you don't need to be on the bleeding edge, stick with ICS. Being able to use Swype isn't worth not being able to use Chrome.

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