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    I always update to the newest nightly, and I recently installed the camera patch onto my CM9 Touchpad. While from day one I occasionally got the message: "unfortunately, google play services has stopped.", I get them more often now. Any hints on how to make it go away?
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    First thing I would say is to clear app data and cache. Find the app from Settings->Applications, tap on the app, and tap clear data.
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    what app?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtiberio View Post
    what app?
    From what I've seen the service is installed when needed, so it appears in the list as an app. I don't remember seeing separate lists for downloaded apps and services.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMMan View Post
    First thing I would say is to clear app data and cache. Find the app from Settings->Applications, tap on the app, and tap clear data.
    hi GMMAN
    please please i need help for the same subject
    I KEEP seeing this massage ( unfortunateluy app. has stopped ) and juast now i make factory reset tomy mobile ( samsung galaxy S3X and i downloaded same app and still stopped
    this application is crazy home is launcher for many themes
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    If you search for the error, there are a lot of tips. They say clear cache, clear data, and uninstall updates. Do those to both the Play Store and the service. If you need instructions on how to use the app manager, Google it.
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    removed the "google play services" app and everything is fine. interesting enough, it reinstalled itself silently, and now it no longer dies...
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    I think it's used by some apps for IAP and license checking, so maybe when needed Google Play will download it again. It isn't embedded in stock ROMs for some reason, unlike Google Play. I suppose Google Play wouldn't even have been embedded if there was a way to download off of Play without the app installed so it could bootstrap and install Play online.
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    After having this problem for 2 weeks I called all 3 possible culprits. Verizon, Google Play and Samsung (S4). Ido believe Samsung when they said they only deal in Hardware issues. In fact to insure that it wasn't a hardware issue, they sent me a new phone. I called Google Play, they actually said they've never heard of the problem. I told the tech to GOOGLE IT!!!! He acted surprised and after being on hold about 10 times he said he had no answer and said it must be a Verizon Issue, after all, they're the ones that sent out the 4.3 update. So, I call Verizon (3rd time). They ended up telling me they didn't know but the Samsung rep was in the building. The Samsung guys was no help at all. The Verizon tech had no answer either. They suggested I take it to a genuine Verizon store to have it looked at. A young lady pushed buttons for 45 minutes. Then she asked a really young man that says "ya, I have the same problem. I'm just waiting for Google Play to send out the new Upgrade in January". If ol Sparky knew that, why didn't everyone else? I did Hard resets, reset every cache, deleted nearly every app and even got a new phone. This update in January... I really hope I don't have to go tell Sparky the genius at Verizon that he was wrong. C'mon Verizon... FIX THE PROBLEM ALREADY
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    I found on a fresh install of Evervolv with a related basic gapps, Google Play will download Play Services as and when needed (when downloading apps from the store).

    So it should be safe to uninstall Play Services (NOT Play Store) and it should bring down a new Play Services.

    I originally had this issue, I experimented with a new version of Android, ended up back at Evervolv fresh install, it did as above and brought down it's own Play Services, which has not raised the stopped message.

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