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    I'm sure this is not new to the forum, maybe not even a report on successful camera use with aOS on the TP. Just wanted to further report on another successful switch. Was a happy, long-time support of WebOS, but there are even more truly useful apps now that do not exist for WebOS that I am already using on aOS on the TP. Sad, but was time to move on.

    Have been running successfully CM9 11/11 Nightly for about a week ......... with tons of apps loaded (many major). Very stable with just a few minor functions that either don't work or work incompletely, but nothing you'd consider problematic given this is a port from another platform. Really have no reason to boot into WebOS any longer. Sure, it can be debated which OS is superior (I still vote for WebOS) like the PC OS wars of yesteryear, but no one can argue the utility of aOS apps.

    I decided to add the camera fix patch to the 11/11 Nightly yesterday. So far (hours) all the use has been great. Pics and video work, sound in video works. Zoom does not, but for a tablet it really isn't critical. Even the lighting and exposure settings work. Will use this probably just for Skyping, so this is a great addition for the aOS TP.

    The guys at CM and other great developers have really breathed new useable life into this platform. Many thanks!
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    I suppose he means android (OS)
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    id have thought that someone who has zero remaining interest in webOS or dualbooting in and out, would just sell their touchpad and aquire a "proper" android device that works 100% in every respect.

    i have 2 "proper" android tablets and once the novelty of 1/2 working apps or simply having a huge array of mostly useless apps wore off i didnt see the point in using them, if i ever do use them it still just for something like netflix and the only game i kept playing was zombie cafe for a while. Most of the apps ive tried that were more indepth/geeky (usb reverse tether/joypad apps/ubuntu/emulators etc) in nature end up only working on a very limited number of devices again making them less useful.

    if youve found your app niche then thats all good, im still a firm believer that the "best" solution is webos at the core while being able to run android apps as a filler (shame acl is abortive), and not the other way round as on a recent front page news post.
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    I have found very few apps that don't work on my dual boot Touchpad. When I need Skype, I go WebOS; same as when I need camera. It has been a great connector in keeping my Touchpad active.

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