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    Sorry if this has been asked a 1000 times already. After a year with my TP, I've decided to put android on it. I want to get a bunch of educational apps for my kids and I figured it would better just to put android on the tp than to take a chance on a cheap sub $100 china tablet. (that and my wife will kill me if I buy another electronic device at the moment). However, I question which version I should use. Which is the most stable and which is the most functional right now. Is the latest nightly of CM9 my best bet or has the CM10 work caught up to it? Or is the old alpha of CM7 more stable?
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    CM9 works fine and has camera support with one guy's build. CM10 is still sort of alpha right now, but is good enough to use, even though not everything will work.
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    CM10 everything pretty much works except camera and seem stable same as CM9 when using.
    I have switched to CM10 but you need clean install if you do, remove CM9 first.
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    if you want access to flash websites, you need to stay with cm9
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    CM 10. CM10 is in alpha, it is much faster than cm9, its runs smoothly, There are many features in cm 10 like: power menu reboot, power menu screen-shot, Battery light customization, notification light customization etc.
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    Personally, I would stay far away from CM7, it's very outdated and It has not been worked on from what I know very long time. CM9 is essentially a complete android 4.0 port as the Camera is finally working. CM10 is still very much in testing and is not really something I would recommend as a daily driver. so really I would say CM9 as its very very stable as opposed to CM10 or CM7.
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    Installed CM10 on top of CM9 and it was laggy and a pretty poor experience. Did a clean install of CM10 and it has been a very positive experience. I like CM10 quite a lot.

    And you can install Flash on it just fine, it just doesn't appear in the app catalog. Download the apk file from this forum copy it to your SD partition, then install it using the included File Manager app.

    [GUIDE] [HOW-TO] Install Adobe Flash Player on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean - xda-developers

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