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    I have been trying and failing to stream from my CM9 Touchpad to Xbox for days. Twonky and other streaming applications work sporadically and mostly fail. I tried installing Xbox Smartglass which is now available in the Android store but it just says "Not available for device"

    Why is it unavailable on CM9? Is there any way to install it. I think it requires Android 4.0, is that what CM9 is based on?

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    try the cyanogen/rootzwiki/android central sites, you likely just have to change the device id to something the app likes, smartglass is also pretty weak tbh, last i tried it was just a poor mans remote control for movies or as a controller, and not particularly good either. If it redirected the xbox screen to your tablet it may be 1000x more useful but it doesnt or didnt last i had it.
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    Thanks! You are correct, I tried it last night and it can only do the streaming from device to Xbox on a Windows 8 tablet! Pretty useless other than a big remote control for IE on Xbox.

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