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    Camera is now fully working , Stills and Video, apps like Skype, instagram, google talk are working with camera. This will be add to nightlies sometime in future. This preview is built with - Downloads - Downloading

    has been updated with preview 6 (5MB) update to install after installing preview 3 (127MB)

    info here

    UNOFFICIAL CM9 with working camera - HP Touchpad Android Development - RootzWiki

    and here

    [ROM] UNOFFICIAL CM9 with working camera - xda-developers
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    cm9 still gets updates? Didn't realise 9 and 10 were running individually, assumed 9 would get superceded in favour of 10.

    same devs for both efforts btw or seperate teams?
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    i would hardly call it 'fully working'. more like a work in progress.

    and for the guy above. hardly any work has been done on cm10 for touchpads since august. there has been a huge dropoff. i'd expect cm9 to last quite a long time.
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    The dev Dorregaray has done this on his own after many months work, had to create his own hardware driver, and has submitted it to cyanagenmod team, but as CM9 has code freeze and only doing bug fixes may be a while until it is in official nightly, this is his own nightly build.

    it is fully working, but is a bit rough, is a work in progress, this is why its labeled preview.
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    fully working gives the impression that theres no flaws. or maybe it just does to me. i've been following his work too, but i would say that its not even in 'beta' stage yet. i thought it might take a few more months, but he just released preview 6, so its going faster than expected. quite impressive he is doing this on his own.
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    Updated to preview 6 , video recording working. SKYPE video works really good.
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    So is the camera the last bit of TP hardware that wasn't working in Android? I recall seeing the microphone added a while ago.

    (Still holding out with WebOS)

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