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    There is website I like to stream archived music from. The TP web os browser can't handle it, so I just installed ICS hoping that might work, but no luck.
    This is the website
    91.1FM WTJU Charlottesville, U.Va.
    The left play column are .ogg streams and the right .mp3 streams.
    These 'play' buttons are actually links to files that stream the shows.

    On my PC, with internet explorer, when I click on 'play', the browser hands off the file type to Winamp which just starts playing the stream.
    With google chrome, I have the option to open the file, which winamp will then start streaming.

    With the TP WebOS, clicking on the link opens the stock media player, but then is 'unable to play'.
    With Android's browser, nothing happens.

    Is there a way with Android to configure the browser to hand off the stream to a media player?
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    Why bother with using the browser? Try using the free TuneIn app instead. It allows you to stream nearly any broadcasting source. Your station works perfectly on the device (see below):

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    there is also internet radio hd pro and others for listening to shoutcast/more.

    which i use for slay radio and digitally imported to name a few.
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    I already have tunein and hd radio pro on the tp for webos, but I don't think they can navigate to the vault page that I linked above.
    Are you able to play those archive streams with those apps?

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