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    Was browsing Google news and came across this, interesting.

    HP TouchPad Gets Jelly Bean, But There's a Catch | News & Opinion |
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    Interesting. I can live without the microphone and camera, but I won't be a nightly guinea pig until the video and audio issues are sorted out.
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    I tested it out. Very smooth. Gist: we have much to look forward to.
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    Jelly bean doesn't excite me, because its still android -- but the improvements in responsiveness are certainly welcome. I'd especially like to locate a ICS and a JB Rom for my EVO 4g, so I can really compare them.

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    I wasn't expecting to see something so soon but, like Paulieesther, I'll need to wait on functional audio & video before moving ahead myself. Still, great to know it's come this far.

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