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    Please Help. My TP is bricked.

    I had successfully installed CM9, however I forgot to include the gapps. I went to redo the installation (placed all the requisite files in the cminstall directory on TP), powered down, when attempting to power-up & hold VOL, I got a message on my computer that it could not find the drivers for QHSUB_DLOAD.

    I've tried the regular power button, power-button + home button, power-button + vol-up, nothing seems to work. At this point my TP is bricked. My sister-n-law is coming in town tomorrow (Fri) and I was planning to give it to her son.

    Any help you can provide would be appreciated.
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    Try holding down the vol-up and connecting it to PC, then appear the usb symbol, you can now press the power button + home + Vol-up, sorry for my English, regards

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