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    Hello guys ,

    On the Cyanogenmod(android) Touchpad , If you try to install SkyGo 1.2.0.apk , you notice that watching video in lasdscape mode has a problem : the image is oversided on the right beacause the apk is structured for the galaxy tab 10.1 resolution !!!!

    I think because the app is adapted to the original resolution of the galaxy Tab .

    How can we modify this .apk file with the original Touchpadlandscape resolution , and so put image on the the center screen ?????
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    Nothing ???
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    No solution to watch SkyGo in landscape mode with Fixed Centered Screen ?????

    How can we do to open the apk file and adjust the resolution ??????

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    Nothing at all ?????
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    Doesn't look like this is a popular post!

    I would have thought some UK techies would be trying to get this working, especially as the 'new and improved' SkyGO completely fails (for me anyway).

    Can anyone help?

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    Only a developer can help us !!!

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    your asking on a webOS site tho, ask on 1 of the many android sites, the android subforums here were/are only of use when cm7 and cm9 were still in infancy, tbh they should be called cyanogen for touchpad support forums.

    you will find help for how to get android on the touchpad here but no android devs post their work or support here for anything other than cyanogen for touchpad.
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