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    Well I followed incinerate's guide and took the CM9 plunge (Kudos to incinerate, both of his "Get Started" posts are super good!). Like most everyone I really love the dual boot capability, love what Android has to offer but still love some aspects of webOS. I do spend some time on webosnation and I've looked at the sister site android central but I'm looking for other good Android websites (or better yet forums) for tablets and Ice Cream Sandwich. I've noticed a lot of Android stuff out there is phone specific a tablet centered website would be great. So what places do you like to frequent to learn about or flesh out your CM9 Touchpad.

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    Since we don't advertise other outside sites, I'd suggest, or the rootzwiki site. Outside of those, Google would be your best source.
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    This site and XDA Developers are the only sites I use.
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    I have found HP Touchpad - RootzWiki to be most helpful.
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