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    I was running 5.0 Lollipop on my TP for a few months. Had a few issues like camera not working and WIFI cutting in and out but other than that it worked good. I tried to upgrade to 6.0 Marshmallow. I had a few issues and it didn't work out to well for me so I tried 4.4 KitKat. That OS flies on the TP. Everything works, Bluetooth, Camera, WIFI, GPS but I don't have 4G so I can't say if it works or not.
    In either case I'm not planning to upgrade it now that I know 4.4 runs so well on it. It's again my go to device for surfing on the couch!
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    Hi. I think the battery of my Touchpad is dying. Oftentimes it does not last one hour out of the craddle. My question is the following: What is better, to purchase and change the battery or is it better to just purchase a new 4G?

    I'd like to hear your opinions.

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    So I am sitting here with my 4G Touchpad running the 2014-1102 build still. I was wondering if the updated build you were working on a year ago ever got close to being released?

    Hi to all the remaining 4G users too.

    Handspring Visor -> Treo 650 -> Centro -> Pre Plus -> Developer Day Pre 2
    32Gb Touchpad, 32Gb Touchpad 4G w/ CM10 onboard
    Pre 3 waiting in the wings for a good reason to switch
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    I'm having this same problem! How was it solved?
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    Has anyone been able to run Whatsapp on the 2014 builds? Right now each time I install it, the 4G reboots and it cannot boot past the boot animation. Is there any way to get rid of the animation and have a look at the log on screen while booting to see where and why it is getting stuck?
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