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    Thinking of trying out AOKP Milestone 5.
    Running a June CM9 nightly currently.

    Is it as 'simple' as clearing cache / dalvik and installing milestone 5 with CWM?
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    I believe it is almost that simple, I would do a backup of the current install first. I did these steps a few months ago to try some of the features in AOKP and was able to revert back to cm9 with a simple restore. I have seen instructions that have you do a wipe data/factory reset when switching builds but this seems extreme, I would only do it if I experienced issues.

    Good luck.
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    I had to do a wipe data / factory reset just to update from alpha 2 to latest (at the time) nightly and have GApps work at all!! So its something I am familiar with.

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    I went ahead and wiped. With B38, I've been dealing with an atypical number of reboots, though it feels significantly smoother than the last CM9 nightly I was on. Just an FYI.
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    Yes I would recommend that you wipe data/cache/dalvik.

    A nandroid backup is always a good idea.

    I would also recommend titanium backup to reinstall apps and app data only. Do not use it to backup/install system data.

    Do not use AOKP B39. It will not work at all.
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    What is the best way to do a complete wipe/Reinstall of CM9?

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    I am sure others will chime in too.
    Use acmeuninstaller to completely wipe CM9 out. Then reinstall as normal.

    some have had trouble with acmeuninstaller. In that case, go to preware, install 'remove android'. After its done, reclaim space with Tailor (from preware) then reinstall as normal.

    Quote Originally Posted by fsx100 View Post

    What is the best way to do a complete wipe/Reinstall of CM9?

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    The Android mantra is always "Wipe data/factory reset, flash gapps." Though when it comes to moving to a new version of the same ROM, Android handles the upgrading on its own now.
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    Is there anyone who could summarize the differences between CM9 and AOKP on the Touchpad?
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    i did this and the second time i did it took about 30 hours to repair my touchpad.
    i was told AOKP stores system files in the boot partition and if you run out of room in that partition you will end up with the mess i was in.

    i dont know about the specifics with 100% certainty, but i do know the first time i switched fro cm to AOKP, about a week later my tablet went nuts. it got laggy and the auto rotate went crazy and i fortunately was able to switch back. the second time i tried to install AOKP the same way you would do a nightly build in cm, i was only able to boot into TWRP, no web or cyanogen boot. so i would check around first, i was even doing the backup and cache flush and factory reset and still ran into trouble, so please proceed with caution

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