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    So I'm not a skilled programmer, but I have a few patch requests for things which I have noticed in Android and I'm sure others have too. These are probably really easy to write, I just don't know where to start.

    1. The thumbnails in the recent apps list re 16x9 but on the TouchPad's 4x3 screen the thumbnail images do not fit the boxes they are allotted.
    2. webOS has a patch for the audio tinnyness called PulseAudio Restarter I think? Android has given me this same problem...idk why, but Android does not have this patch as far as I know.

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    Got to say I never noticed #1 until you just mentioned it. Not a big deal to me so doubt anyone will fix it but u never know. #2 the latest nightlies has most of the audio fixed.
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    #1 is not that much of a concern for me. #2, however, is rather annoying. I use the 0607 nightly and it works pretty stably for me. I get some random app crashes at startup but by and large it's pretty stable. I tried upgrading to the 0614 but some of my apps went crazy and it broke my gapps install so I didn't keep it and I just restored to 0607. I was happily using it and enjoying the problem free audio until I had the same webOS problem I thought I had escaped. Ironically, the Skype Call Testing service trick for webOS also works for this problem under CM9. It's almost like it's a hardware problem of sorts
    - techlover10, long time webOS fan and Pulse News supporter
    Please check out my thread at
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