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    Ok maybe this has been asked before but I cant find anything. I want to be able to convert my blu rays to a file that will run on my TP under CM9 using the free MX Video Player. I have had some success using DVDfab but sometimes that program craps out before I start the conversion and i dont know why.

    I came across a converter called format factory that comes highly recommended.

    What I would like to know is two things. What exactly is the "device name" that the TP is running under in CM9. e.g. is it Samsung Galaxy, Acer Iconia
    Second, what is the optimal codec and screen resolution to convert to? Is is h264 and 1024x768? I could try different combos but that would take forever so I call on the experts out there to point me in the right direction. Format Factory asks for either a device by name or a generic format with codec and resolution.

    Thanks very much.
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    I posted this last year and that process continues to work for me for my TouchPad running CM9. I have also played around with WinFF using one of their IPAD settings, do not recall at the moment which one.
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    When I was on teamviewer's flash based player, it says "your device unknown Tenderloin"

    which is what the CM9 mod calls it. So...
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    device : brand = unknown , model = tenderloin. > device unknown tenderloin
    for HP Touchpad it would be > device HP Touchpad

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