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    My wife was told about an Android App that she must have. So I mentioned that her TouchPad could have Android installed and she could have the app installed on the TouchPad. I got CM9 installed and working, then went to the Google Play app store and searched for the name of the app. Play says there are 4 apps and displays 3 of them not including the one I am looking for. When I click on "4 apps", the same three display.

    So I went to my desktop and searched Play for the app. It shows on my desktop (Win7), but says it is incompatible with all my devices (cm_tenderloin). After some research, I learned how to edit the build.prop file to claim the TouchPad is a Samsung SGH-T989. Many reboots, cache clears, etc. later, I still get the same thing and my desktop Play app store is still referencing the cm_tenderloin.

    I am a complete Android noob. I assume that Google Play still has to be cleared or reset or refreshed to recognize the new device type, but I can't see what I've missed.

    Anyone with experience in this area? I could use some hints.

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    whats the app?

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