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    In CM9 ...

    I used the native browser as well as chrome.

    Both seem to always remember all the tabs we opened untill you explicitly close each one of them manually.

    My desktop experience is that when you close a browser app, it just closes all the tabs. when you open the browser again you have a clean slate.

    Why do these browsers behave differently on CM9?

    Is there anything I can do to force the browsers to close all tabs when I close the app?
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    The Dolphin browser doesn't do this if you want to try that one instead.
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    I've just been experimenting with the native browser, and I can reproduce this by turning on Settings > Advanced > Open in background.

    However, this option is turned off by default. So, if this is already off for you, can I just check that you are closing the app completely (by swiping it off the recent apps list)? If you're just going back to the home screen when you leave the browser it will still be running, and tapping on the icon again will just switch back to it (redisplaying your previous tabs)

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    @Spyke ...

    I was CLOSing the app by swiping it off the Recent Apps list.

    I also did some experimenting just now.

    The behaviour of the Native browser is not consistent.

    Even when you CLOSE the Native browser app by swiping it off the apps list, if you immediately open the Native Browser again, you will see all the tabs open up again.

    But if you open up a few more apps in the meantime, then the browser seems to open with only one default tab open.


    Can you replicate this?

    I will, in the meantime, evaluate other browsers like firefox, Opera, and Dolphin to see what suits my needs best. Chrome refuses to play flash videos even with the Flash Player app installed -- maybe one more reason to stop using chrome on android -- weird again, both coming from google.

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    I'll experiment later, when I get back to my TP.

    Interesting discussion on what actually happens when you swipe apps away:

    4.0 ice cream sandwich - What actually happens when you swipe an app out of the recent apps list? - Android Enthusiasts

    Yes, Google made the decision not to support Flash on Chrome, which is why I've stayed with Dolphin.


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