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    I am attempting the CyanogenMod 9 installation and have everything done but see no Clockworkmod option upon reboot.

    I have redownloaded the "" a couple of times and rerun the ACMEInstaller but cannot seem to get Clockworkmod option to show on my reboot screen.

    Here is my "cminstall" folder-

    Does everything look OK and what might I be doing wrong?
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    You need these 3 files in your cminstall folder:
    (on your TouchPad)

    CM9 alpha 2.0 (or the latest nightly)

    Novacom and the ACMEInstaller2 should be in your C:/Program Files/Palm, Inc That's also the location where you put ACMEUninstaller if you ever decide you want to remove it.
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    I'm figuring it out- the file was no good.
    I found another CMR file that worked and am almost there- now I can't get the gapps file to install.
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    OK- the gapp file was no good either.

    So two files I got from the CM9 on the Touchpad getting started guide did not work- the ClockWorkMod download and the gapps download.

    I googled and found alternate files to download and now everything is fine.
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    I hate to keep piggybacking myself, but wanted to clarify for those that find this thread after having a similar experience- check the size of the CWM and Gapp files you are working with.

    After I installed the 20120522 nightly on my new W00T Touchpad neither the ClockWorkMod nor the Google Apps file in the original post of this thread installed properly- they did not show in MOBOOT.
    I redownloaded each one three or four times, then gave up and searched out alternate versions of those files via Google, installed them, and now everything is perfectly functional.

    As you can see from the photo in my original post the links from the Getting Started Guide downloaded as 1KB MD5 files, while the ones I found via Google downloaded correctly as zip files, the proper CWM file being 5,062KB and the proper Gapp file being 53,209KB.

    Just noting this for other newbies that may be having the same problem and stumble upon this thread.
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    how did you install clockworkmod when android is already installed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kozoto View Post
    how did you install clockworkmod when android is already installed?
    Downloaded a new copy of the file and reran ACMEInstaller2- multiple times.
    I must have run the installer ten times that day- there was a whole lot of plugging and unplugging and USB and bootie recovery mode switching back and forth going on.

    I don't know why my first downloads were faulty/incomplete.

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