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    Well, both my girlfriend's and niece's HP touchpad's charging port does not work anymore and they have Cyanogen mods (Ice Cream Sandwich) installed on them and now we're sending them back to HP however if Android is installed, it's considered voided. So I was wondering if there's a way to do a fresh install of webOS and overwriting everything on the HP Touchpad without using a computer since the port is broken and the computer cannot recognize the device.

    Thank you!
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    Search Preware for "Remove Android"
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    I don't think HP will mind, in my opinion. They'd never admit it, but I'm sure the team they've got is plenty familiar with everything that's happened and, even though they'd never put it in writing, I'd like to think everyone there would choose not to exercise their power to "void" a warranty simply because they received a TouchPad that had Android installed on it.

    I realize there are companies out there *cough carriers cough* that go out of their way to LOOK for reasons NOT to service their customers. I have not seen any of this behavior from HP / Palm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakeeeee View Post
    Search Preware for "Remove Android"
    This. However, it does not reclaim the space back to webos. I am not sure how important that is in this particular situation.

    To reclaim the space, one could use Tailor feom the preware webosinternals Beta feeds.
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    Are you SURE you do not just need a new cable?

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