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    Hi... I decided to take the plunge and dual-boot ICS on to my Touchpad, and I am using the instructions provided here...

    I am having a problem with one of the very first steps:

    When I download ACME Installer 2 (RootzWiki) from the link provided, it downloads a document file, not a zip. So when the instructions direct me to "unzip it (if zipped) and copy it to where Novacom is installed" I have nothing to unzip.

    Is the doc file the unzipped file? Should I just copy that and proceed with the rest of the installation?

    Sorry to have to ask such a basic question. i just don't want to brick my TP by doing something stupid.

    Thanks in advance for any help offered.
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    In its usable form that file should have no extension and is not meant to be unzipped. If it is zipped then unzip it but that's it.

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