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    I recently got a Touchpad and installed CM9. I am not able to move any video files from my computer to the Touchpad. I do have MX player installed in my TouchPad but not sure how it will help me.

    I also tried syncing the files using Windows Media Player but it also showed an error message that it not able to convert the video to device supported format.

    Please help.
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    screenshot of error message

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    I really appreciate if someone can help me on this.
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    Have you tried using moborobo? Moborobo - The Android Smartphone PC Manager. Free for Life!
    Its an iTunes clone for android devices. Easily move music, contacts, videos, blah blah over to touchpad.

    Is it not possible to transfer them over via usb mode on webOS side? Or is it a problem of mxplayer not being able to play the file? Maybe try handbrake to convert the file? HandBrake

    Sorry if that doesn't help. I'm at work, so I can't do much more.
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    There are several apps that let you manage your mobile device over wifi. Airdroid, WiFi File Transfer, and Kies Air come to mind. I personally use WiFi Media Sync to get media to my tablet.
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    I would click on "skip" on that screenshot, your computer shouldn't really be asking to change the format anyway. Also mp4's are better suited to tablets and phones rather than mkv (matroska) files. But as others have said, something like mx video player should play it fine.
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