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    Pretty much the only reason that I still log into WebOS instead of CM7 (yeah, I know, I need to go to CM9, but CM7 works for me so I haven't bothered to upgrade) is to read through daily comics on the WebOS "ComicsHD" app. It has a huge selection of newspaper and online comics - Girls with Slingshots, I Can Haz..., FailBlog, Dilbert, Doonesbury, Basic Instructions, Pearls B4 Swine, Get Fuzzy, XKCD, etc. I have searched and downloaded various apps from the Play Market and from the Amazon App store but can't find an equivelent comics aggregator for Android. There's lots of individual apps (just for XKCD) or for anime, but one like ComicsHD in WebOS. But that can't be right...

    What app(s) do you use and/or recommend? I'm sure I'm just missing the android equivelent.

    Thanks in advance & for all the great work & advice on this forum.
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    Not the same as a general comics reader, I know, but one of the main reason for me to be in CM7/CM9 is that there's a good Comixology app, which WebOS doesn't have.
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    Questions like these are best asked over on our sister-site: AndroidCentral
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    Comics Reader for Android is the best comic strip aggregator I've found.

    I still prefer the WebOS app but not enough to reboot into WebOS for it. Unfortunately it doesn't have the "FailBlog" style 'comics' (Demotivational, M to F, There I Fixed It, etc) but it's easy enough to find an individual app for all those. Aside from those, the Comic Reader has the others you mention (Girls w/ slingshots, XKCD, PB4Swine, Basic Inst...) It is missing Cyanide & Happiness because the CnH owners asked it to be removed since they have their own paid app.

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