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    So since Android doesn't have the really cool looking Notability like on iOS, been wondering what some good alternatives are...mainly for jotting stuff down in class and such. Any recommendations?
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    Evernote is the best one imo. There is so much functionality built into it and its available for so many devices. Simplenote is very good as well.
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    I use TapNote in webOS which syncs with Dropbox, so when I installed CM9 I found Epistle which also syncs with Dropbox. I setup Epistle to use the TapNote folder in Dropbox so I have my notes on my webOS phone and both boots of my TouchPad.
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    Since I got a Sprint Galaxy Nexus i've been using Google Drive for .doc files and make to do lists for personal, home projects, etc. Then when I load up CM9 on my touchpad the same docs are there. But this only works if you have an active internet. I wish I had an app like Notes on the touchpad for webOS that synced on all devices though.

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