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    I installed CM9 nightly (dated 5/9) on my TouchPad a week ago

    I could run youtube videos on Chrome Beta browser earlier but it stopped working from yesterday

    I can still run youtube videos from youtube app, but not from any browser using desktop site

    I had not installed the Adobe Flash Player app

    What is the correct way to get Flash video running on CM9 without issues?

    Thanks in advance
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    I'd suggest installing the flash player app, and see if that solves your problem, but if not then I would upgrade to a new nightly, although if one of the main things you do on the tp is watching video I'd suggest using webOS(actually I'd recommend using webOS most of the time, because it is better imo, and because nightlies are meant to be alpha stage, and if you need features on your touchpad then you'd be best to give them a miss, or install one that is seen as safe by the community(rootzwiki)).
    Touchpad 16GB 3.0.5
    Pre 2 2.2.4

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